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Девелоперская компания Мерказ

We stably and guaranteedly provide from 8% per annum to our customers!

MERKAZ is a development company that leads a group of partner enterprises involved in the implementation of real estate projects of various scales and difficulty levels. The company includes: project management specialists, architects, designers, specialized units of engineering, operational, financial, commercial and legal support of projects.


Property Management

The development organization MERKAZ has successful experience in systemic real estate management: creating concepts, designing, building and operating business centers of various classes, shopping and entertainment centers, residential complexes, multifunctional facilities, multi-level commercial parking.


Real Estate Investment Market Experts

The MERKAZ company is engaged not only in construction, but also in the purchase of real estate for customers, with its further management. Only objects that can provide customers with at least 8% per annum are considered. Emerging markets can provide this profitability. Accordingly, MERKAZ specializes in the analysis of such markets and the creation of development projects both independently and jointly with local partners.


Selection of proposed projects

The company appreciates customers, and is focused on building long-term relationships with them. After the sale, at the request of the client, the next 5-10 years MERKAZ provides a property management service. Therefore, to guarantee the declared profitability, all projects are subjected to in-depth marketing, financial, legal and engineering analysis.
As a result, before proposing projects to its investors, the company eliminates projects in a ratio of 1:15. The remaining audited MERCAS takes to work.


Payout Guarantee Program

In order to protect our customers and their interests as much as possible, making the business simple, transparent and comfortable, we have a special program of guaranteed dividends. This is an option, choosing which, the company is obliged to pay a monthly minimum of 7% per annum of the value of the property, while taking it into full control. Guaranteed income regardless of the tourist season and market fluctuations: such cooperation with the client is the most relevant, and is a very weighty argument when making decisions regarding foreign investments.


Dividends from real estate against bank deposits

In the established real estate market (for example, in Israel, the USA, Europe, Japan, etc.), rental income brings the owner 2-3% per annum, and a bank deposit is 1-2%. This is due to the very high price of real estate in these countries. The rental income of such real estate cannot provide the owner with high profitability. Only a growing market can provide 8-11% per annum, where the low cost per square meter makes it possible to declared income.

For example, a 30-meter apartment with repair and furniture in a new house, in Kiev, in the capital of Ukraine, can cost $ 60-70 thousand, at the rate of $ 2200 - 2400 per 1 sq.m. And the monthly rental of such an apartment, on average, is $ 600-625 / month. Thus, the annual income from a permanent lease brings at least $ 6,500, which is 10-11% per annum, depending on the cost of the apartment. (These calculations are relevant, but are given here only as an example, and do not take into account the commission of the management company for long-term leases).


Business Tours and Escorts

We try to provide investors with the most detailed information about the projects they are interested in for decision making. However, not a single text or presentation will be able to tell as much as personal presence at the construction site will give, the investor will personally check the originals of government documents and permits, as well as a tour of the city in which the project is created. Therefore, our company accepts delegations and individuals, providing them with full support and assistance for the entire stay of guests in the city where the object is located. For such an excursion, you must first contact the company representatives and agree on the dates.


Invest in profitable real estate!

Smart apartments are apartments of a small area (about 30 sq. M.), Which are highly demanded in the market. The best choice for investment, due to the low threshold of entry, and the concept of "smart" implies high comfort for lessors. MERKAZ follows the latest trends in technology and development, so our apartments have significant marketing advantages for landlords. Our experience and personal development make living in smart apartments as comfortable as possible, with an excellent price-quality ratio. For example, in the apartments that we design, huge balconies, terraces, you can spend your time as comfortably as possible. Landlords receive not only apartments, but also basic hotel services - concierge, housekeeping, room service, security system and housing and communal services.


Profitable Property Management

MERKAZ provides further management of the constructed facilities. Depending on the terms of the contract, our customers can sell the apartment (a one-time profit of 25-30%) or provide it with a permanent or daily rental.

Real estate management options may be as follows:

  • Rental Guarantee - monthly guaranteed payment to the client 7% per annum of the value of the property. We sign a contract with the owner and determine the optimal rental ourselves, we fully manage the real estate asset: search for tenants, repairs and cleaning, payment of utilities.
  • Daily change - transparent work through booking systems. Includes: apartment advertising, guest accommodation and cleaning. The owner of the apartment can track and control income. There is an opportunity to move into the apartment in person by canceling the rent. Management fees are up to 30%. Owner income forecast: 8-11% per annum. The main income brings a high season from short-term rent.
  • Long-term rental - permanent, standard apartment rental. Rental income of this type brings about 9% per annum. The specifics of such a lease is the signing of an annual contract with the tenant, which implies obligations and responsibility on its part to ensure the solvency of the annual contract.
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    Reliability and Marketing

    MERKAZ guarantees to depositors the declared percentage of investments. Our strategy is construction for consolidated investors. To guarantee the declared interest, MERKAZ conducts marketing and economic audits, independently searches for land for development and develops architectural projects. The development department selects the most liquid options from the market offers. As a result, each of our projects is the result, with an average selection ratio of 1:15. Choosing a building plot is always a thorough market analysis. Nothing defines constant demand as a successful location of real estate, combined with competent architectural design and properly designed pricing policy.

    Our reputation is based on recommendations of our services from person to person. Therefore, in the development of financial models, we use only a fair economic calculation of income estimates.

    That is how, by first checking the liquidity of the project in the conditions of a pessimistic financial scenario of profitability, we will present it publicly.



    MERKAZ company was registered in Ukraine in 2017. Together with its partners, the company is developing more than 5 projects at various stages of implementation.
    MERKAZ activity is recognized by international experts, market professionals. Partners of the company are: Edelburg, De-Jure, Fisher and Bakher, Parity.  
    The main achievements and assets of the company are a team of professionals, regular and reliable partners, as well as successfully implemented projects.


    Ukraine, Odessa, Bolshaya Arnautskaya, 78
    tel.: +380 96 080 42 08 (Ukraine)
    tel.: +380 96 875 16 18 (Ukraine)
    tel.: +972 55 966 ​​17 84 (Israel)
    e-mail: sales@merkaz.international

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